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Bet you didn’t know these 3 things about SoundCloud and its potential yet.

A big portion of the music industry is still active on SoundCloud. That’s why we want to have you benefit from SoundCloud and its possibilities.

1 SoundCloud is a Social Streaming Platform

Where there are numerous streaming services, like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal, we have 1 platform that really distinguished itself from all of these. SoundCloud is the definition of a social streaming platform.

It is a social media platform built by and for a community of passionate music fans. With the format of the comments section, you can see what everyone else is feeling at the height of a song’s peaks and the depth of its valleys. You follow the people you want to follow and you listen to the songs that they repost. Making sure that fans can be way more engaged with a specific artist compared to any other streaming platform.

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2 Convert Listeners To Fans Easier

SoundCloud is one of the best platforms to convert your listeners into fans. Due to the social nature of the platform explained above, people can be transformed into fans way easier. This is because of the comment section, because of the advanced artist profile that you can build, and due to the fact that you can build your community of dedicated music lovers on SoundCloud.

With Apple Music and similar platforms, people just listen to your music on indie-playlists and through their algorithmic playlists and radios. Engagement is low. With SoundCloud, you can easily add a call-to-action to all of your tracks. For instance: ask listeners to follow your Instagram. You can later promote your upcoming releases with them, which is super powerful.

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3 Follow to Download = Dead. Use Upviral!

Follow to download gates have been an industry standard within the SoundCloud promotion game. Labels and artists gave away free MP3 songs in return for a follow. Unfortunately, with the rise of streaming platforms, MP3 files aren’t as popular anymore. Sharing your MP3 in return for a follow won’t give you many followers. F2D Gates are dead and gone.

However, due to the loss of this powerful method, a new tool found its way to the top. It’s called “Upviral“. This is a referral program that can easily be used by artists. For instance, you can ask fans to perform any action you like (follow, collect emails, share social media with 2 friends, etc.) in return for anything you can think of: exclusive content, merchandise, private online performance, you name it.

Using this method, you can grow exponentially with whatever you like.