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5 Creative Ideas to Promote Your Music on Youtube


Many artists and record labels are turning to the ever growing YouTube to promote their music and as a result find inspiration to write, set up collaborations and discover new signings. How can you make sure your music is found by the masses?

You might be doing pretty good on your other channels. You’re receiving streams on Spotify and Apple Music, maybe you’ve even performed your music live already. However, it’s always been a hurdle to start promoting your music on YouTube… Where do you start and how?

As experts in the field, we can help you with that! In this DaimoonMedia article we’re helping you with 5 creative marketing ideas you can use to build awareness and promote your music on YouTube.


1. Promote Your Music to Tastemakers on YouTube

A first step to take without moving a single finger in uploading your own videos and engaging on the platform is to make sure your music is uploaded to tastemaker channels on YouTube. Throughout the past years these channels have played a dominant role in artist discovery within the music-culture on YouTube.

Because channels like these discover and support new music and upcoming artists you need to seriously consider this. For example, they might upload your originals, covers and remixes. Most channels focus on a genre within the YouTube music community. This will allow you to reach the right audience. One of the best examples are The Nations, who built an entire network of genre channels with millions of subscribers across trap, r&b, latin, house, chill, and indie music.


2. Set Up Your YouTube Channel

Now you got that going, a solid next step would be to start uploading your content to YouTube. Think about how you want to upload your music. In that case, our recommendation is to make sure every song in your catalog is reflected on your YouTube channel. The more visibility, the better. Consider uploading this in chronological order, but it’s not necessary.

However, not every release might be accompanied with a stand-alone visual creative, such as your official music video, lyric video, or visualizer video. Our best practise is to fill up these content gaps by creating full-screen artwork renders that slightly move and zoom. This is easy to make and interactive at the same time. Additionally, if you want to get very specific in optimizing your YouTube music upload, consider taking a look at these recommended upload settings by YouTube.


How To Upload Shorts To YouTube


3. Upload Short-Form YouTube Videos to Shorts

Shorts is a relatively new tool on the platform and the YouTube algorithm is favoring and boosting Shorts videos at the moment. For that reason, YouTube Shorts is a great way for emerging artists to grow their audience with little or nearly no effort. 

If that made you curious, you can find YouTube shorts within your YouTube app or within the Shorts app. The platform is vertical video driven accompanied by a highly optimized content recommendation system, similar to what you find on TikTok and Instagram Reels.


How To Upload Shorts To YouTube?

Enter your YouTube or Shorts app and tap Create. Record a video or insert a video from your gallery. Trim and edit the video with text, filters and music. Add a caption and hit upload! On PC, enter your YouTube Studio and click Create. Select a square or vertical file up to 60s. Include #Shorts in the title to help the algorithm. Upload!


4. Boost Your Videos On YouTube

Once you get yourself set up, you can throw yourself a helping hand by boosting your YouTube video through advertising. Firstly, this will assure your hard-work music videos and lyric videos actually getting rewarded. Secondly, it also boosts your general exposure to a precise and relevant audience who might have not found you otherwise.

Therefore, this will give you a headstart in social proof by growing your numbers, which on itself might lead to a better conversion of other paid and organic viewers down the line. Above all, viewers can look the advertised song up on their favorite streaming services like Spotify.

Good news, the YouTube advertising platform is open to everyone! Although, in theory it ends up being a big challenge to reach the right people and optimise how you’re effectively spending your budget. Over the years of providing our YouTube Video Promotion service we’ve acquired tons of knowledge and experience on helping artists effectively grow their music content. Of course, we’re happy and ready to help!


5. Promote Music On YouTube Through Influencers

Our final tip of this article is to research and connect with specific YouTube influencers such as vloggers, educational channels and sports channels who might be looking for new music. With these influencers it never hurts to reach out and introduce your project. After all they might fall in love with your music or your project in general and use one of your (upcoming) singles in their next video, intro or outro.

If you’re doing so, we would recommend that you present your music without the requirement for you to monetize it. For instance, this gives the influencer flexibility and increases the chance they accept your offer. In addition, it can be totally worth it to gain exposure through their audience and use the placement in your marketing communication.


Dominate The YouTube Promotion Game!

So in short, you might have started reading this blog with a vague idea on the right approach for your YouTube presence. We walked through multiple simple yet interesting and future-proof strategies for you to promote music on YouTube. Feel free to ask your questions to us on our Instagram (@daimoonmedia) or support channel! Curious if you can use more help in growing your YouTube videos? Read how we do that on our YouTube Page here.


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