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Why is Spotify promotion so expensive?

Whether you’re an independent artist, record label, management agency, marketing representative or something in between, music promotion is essential to get your music heard. There are plenty of options to choose from in the playlist promotion landscape, including a lot of options that are not legit (tip: they’re usually cheap). Finding the right match between price, delivery and legitimacy can be a challenge.

Luckily, you’ve found our
DaimoonMedia blog article.We’ve been in the game with a focus on authentic and organic playlists with real and active listeners since our start, which led to having helped over 6500+ individual artists with their journey to a successful career.

These days, standing out and being unique is the key to growth. We know how to help you get noticed. Still, competition is fierce within the music industry. ‘Pay the cost to be the boss’ is more true than ever. To help you understand why, we’ll give you a little breakdown.

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Quality over quantity

Hard work takes time, trust us, we know. And you know as well, which is probably why you’re here. When it comes to Spotify playlist promotion, one of the most important aspects is matching the right Spotify playlists to ensure a relevant audience generates engagement with your music. This won’t only reflect as a better influence on the Spotify algorithm by high-quality listening behaviour (Spotify saves, full listens, no skips), it will also give you the best chance to convert the volume of listeners into fans. Over the years, we had the opportunity to carefully select our partners to give you the best and most fruitful experience when using our Spotify promotion services.

As an artist, you want your fans to have the most authentic and high quality experience. You’re not going to use your neighbor’s old guitar in the studio, you need quality. This carries over to promotion too, so bring care into your selection! You wouldn’t rely on your local newspaper to promote your music either, right? You need an established company to promote your music so it can get the attention it deserves.


Legitimate from start to finish

We’ve learnt that fake playlists, fake streams and other illegitimate activities can only hurt your presence as an artist in the long run. Growth takes time and attention. This is why Daimoon only works with legit, organic, and authentic playlists, all of which have been checked and monitored by our team.

When executing a campaign, the goal is to reach your expectations and where possible walk that extra mile. Pitching to carefully selected Spotify Playlists results in your songs getting picked up by the Spotify algorithm, increasing your streams and fanbase.

All-encompassing network

The role of the artist changed. Upcoming artists are confronted with the need to become a multitasker. While starting out purely focussing on your music you suddenly realise a fanbase needs to be grown… the music needs to be heard! In the saturated music industry and digital world we live in this becomes extremely difficult. How do you reach new fans? Who are they? Where are they? Where do you start?

Playlist owners, influencers, record labels, media outlets, streaming services and social trends all hold major stakes in the consuption of music, so you should aim to reach the same.

The most effective way to find your way into the system, as with many things in business, is to find a partner who’s willing to open their gates for you. We’ve grown and maintained a network of knowledgeable players within the music industry, combined all that knowledge and reach, and made it available to everyone in the powerful form of Spotify playlist promotion.

Time to grow!

Don’t cheap out and get sub-par results. No matter how much or what genre of music you’re promoting, we’re ready to help you out. What are you waiting for? Do you have the next hit on your hands? Get it promoted now, we’ll take care of the rest.