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To avoid using inactive playlists, we choose playlists according the listeners statistics of the last 28 days. Still, previous results can never guarantee the same high results in the future.

Beside the highly active playlists we gather for our artists, there is a possibility that there will be 1 or more playlists included with less activity.

Refunds only apply if playlist campaigns up to 500,000 followers have not been finished within 30 days after starting.

Placements normally occur within a few days. Not getting placements within 7 days? Don’t hesitate to contact us here

Don’t you want the same playlists with different campaigns? Please contact us here

We only do organic promotion. Real humans listening, saving and sharing your music is more important to artists then statistics created by bots.

If you want your campaign to start on the day of the release, you can purchase campaigns in advance at no additional costs. 

Thanks for considering our service! Feel free to place an order here