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To avoid using inactive playlists, we choose to pitch towards playlists according the listeners statistics of the last 28 days. Please bear in mind that previous results can never guarantee the same high results in the future.

There is potential that your campaign will be pitched to less active playlists. These playlists are pitched to in larger campaigns but do not constitute the core of the campaign. These playlists may also be pitched to if the track has received rejections and thus appears difficult to work with.

We only do organic promotion. Real humans listening, saving and sharing your music is more important to artists than statistics created by bots.

If you want your campaign to start on the day of the release, you can purchase campaigns in advance at no additional cost.

If you don’t want your music to be pitched to the same playlists with a new campaign, you can place an order and leave a note in step 4, informing our pitching team.

After we’ve started pitching, refunds are no longer possible.

Questions left? Check our FAQ or see more questions below.

Thanks for considering our service!


At Daimoon we do not pay playlists to acquire placements. We do pay curators a small fee so that they listen to the client’s track. We repeat this process until the total reach for the campaign has been secured.

This means that the client will always get at least 100% of the reach that they pay for.

This is done entirely, 100%, through pitching and therefore this complies with all the terms and conditions of Spotify itself. All of the playlists we work with are real and created organically.

Placements are usually found within 3 days once your order has been processed. Spotify orders are processed automatically, thus the pitching process starts when we receive the order.

Please beware that once you submit an order it is difficult to change the track as the pitching process may already have begun.

Have you not received placement within 7 days? Feel free to send us a message HERE.

We try to find placements for your campaign as soon as possible, though it can take a longer period of time depending on the campaign size as follows:

25,000    = 5-7 days
50,000    = 6-8 days
75,000    = 6-10 days
100,000  = 7-14 days
150,000  = 9-16 days
300,000 = 10-20 days
400,000 = 12-24 days
500,000 = 14-28 days

The status of your order can be tracked via your campaign dashboard. This campaign dashboard is sent in the same email that lets you know that your track has received its first placements.

In progress: We are listening to your track to identify which curator(s) are the best fit for your song. We work with both in-house curators and external curators.

Being pitched: Your track has been passed on to the queue of a curator(s) and we are awaiting approval. When the first curator accepts your song it takes 2 working days to process the placement. If a curator declines your track then it means the process will be delayed, often taking more than 7 working days.

Finished: The campaign is now operational. Your track will be added to the displayed playlists and no further playlists will be collected. Your track will remain in these playlists for the displayed amount of time.

Note: The campaign dashboard may also be referred to as a “client page”. These pages are bespoke to each unique campaign number. Multiple orders often have a single

We’re sorry to hear that you aren’t satisfied… We always do the best we can to give you maximum exposure for your budget. Please reach out to our customer support team.

Please include the following for the fastest results:

– Your order number (Format as follows: 1-12345) OR A link to your campaign dashboard (Spotify only).
Screenshot(s) of Spotify for Artists dashboard, displaying DaimoonMedia playlists and the number of streams received for the last 28 days.
   The campaign size and expected results (as seen on the DaimoonMedia website when an order is placed).

Our support team will then be in contact as soon as they are able regarding the matter, usually within 48 hours.

The DaimoonMedia project started three years ago and in that time more than 1500 clients have benefited from our music promotion services. In that time our partner network has expanded and contains a wide range of curators from different genres – so we’re sure that we will be able to find a curator that wants to work with your track.

Unfortunately, we can’t deliver geographic targeting.

However, at DaimoonMedia we attach value to the following criteria:
– Genre relevant lists for your track.
Active and organically grown playlists which result in a good number of streams.
Top 50 slots, so your track will be within the first place up to the 50th place.
1-month duration in lists, if you notice that it gets removed earlier, contact us and we’ll see what we can do.

This FAQ is not legally binding. However, we strive to meet the above conditions for every campaign.

If you would like to proceed forward on a playlist campaign, feel free to place an order on our website here!

Yes! you can pre-order a campaign for a track by filling out the release date of the track instead of the track URL in the order form. On the day of the release you can send us the track URL, so we can start working on the campaign.

If you already have a pre-link or a SoundCloud private link  then you can send us that link instead. That way we can then start preparing the promotion!