Dance at the Rythm

Dance at the Rythm

2,463 listeners
Gym Motivation 2018/2019 HITS

Gym Motivation 2018/2019 HITS

8,456 listeners
FIFA 19 Official Soundtrack

FIFA 19 Official Soundtrack

743 listeners
Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite Battle Royale

1,230 listeners
League Of Legends Gaming

League Of Legends Gaming

675 listeners

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JGE Retro - Monopoly$

Campaign size: 1,000,000 followers

Matthew Schultz - Somewhere Far

Campaign size: 500,000 followers

Yung and Wild - Lenerd

Campaign size: 500,000 followers

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Northside Joyride

When I was looking to promote my first single, a friend told me about DaimoonMedia. I tried it out and couldn’t be more pleased. My streams increased by the thousands!

I’ve since recommended it to 2 friends who have had the exact same success that I have. Placements in wonderful playlists resulted in likes, follows and an increase in social media presence.


When I was researching playlist services I came across DaimoonMedia on multiple sites. 

I saw immediate results and positive impacts when my campaign started and I’m stoked about the results.

I’ll definitely be using them in the near future, I’ve already suggested it to my network and I feel comfortable recommending it to my fellow artists.

Koji Riotz

I recently purchased the services of DaimoonMedia. What they do is they pitch your music to as many playlists until the target of your campaign is reached. 

My numbers are still going up, all organic! I have received more followers on my Instagram as well. 

Even the customer service was A1, I asked a lot of questions and they answered them all in a timely fashion. If you want organic promotion, do to DaimoonMedia.

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Rated 5 out of 5
6 July 2019

above and beyond!

eric fearman