We don’t pay playlists to get placements. We do pay curators a small fee for listening to the client his track. We continue this process until we have received the total amount where you are paying for. This means the client will get the 100% of the campaign size he is paying for. We still do this on a 100% pitched basis. Therefore, we fully comply with the terms of Spotify. All playlists we work with are real and created on organic basis.

Normally, first placements are achieved within 3 days after your order has been processed. Your order has been processed after Rosalie emailed you a confirmation. Didn’t got a placement within 7 days after we processed your order? Feel free to send us a message HERE.

This depends on the size of your campaign. 25k campaign? It would take a max of 7 days. 500k campaign? This could take up to a month.

We included status updates within your DropBox text file, so you know in what phase your promotion campaign is in. We divide these phases into 3 parts:

In progress: We are currently listening to your song and trying to see which curators and playlists make the best fit for your song. We work with in-house curators and external curators.

Being pitched: In this phase, your track is within the queue of curators and awaiting approval. When the first curator accepts your song, it could take 2 days to process the placement. But when multiple curators decline your song, this could take around 1 week or more.

Finished: The campaign is finished and no further playlists will be collected.

We’re sorry to hear that you aren’t satisfied… We always do the best we can to give you maximum exposure for your budget. Please reach out to Rosalie (at) Daimoon (dot) Media, and submit the following:

– Your order number, looking like this: 4-20058
Screenshot of Spotify for Artists dashboard, displaying our playlists, the number of streams they did for the last 28 days.
Your opinion + what you would expect from the campaign

We are then able to take a look and see if there is anything we can do for you.

After 3 years already 1500 clients have benefited from our services in music promotion. We are therefore forced to extend our partner network as much as possible, with playlists in basically every genre/feeling. So I’m sure that we can work on your song in your genre as well.

Unfortunately, we can’t deliver geographic targeting. But we attach value to the following criteria: Although we legally can make no promises, we normally succeed to deliver the following results to our clients:
– Genre relevant lists for your track.
Active and organically grown playlists which result in a good number of streams.
Top 50 slots, so your track will be within the first place up to the 50th place.
1-month duration in lists, if you notice that it gets removed earlier, contact us and we’ll see what we can do.

If you would like to proceed forward on a playlist campaign, feel free to place an order on our new website here: https://daimoon.media/spotify-promo/#form-section

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