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Our vision is to give talented artists a possibility to get their music discovered with Organic Music Exposure. We want to expand the reach of producers by presenting their music to big SoundCloud channels and Spotify playlists.

  • Real People
    We use playlists and channels with 100% organic followers & Organic Music Exposure.
  • Multi Genre Support
    We support many sub genres within Dance, HipHop and Rock.
  • Millions of Potential Fans
    Use our audience of 12,000,000 followers.

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100% Safe

All our services fully comply with the terms of Spotify, YouTube & SoundCloud

What clients think of DaimoonMedia

Jake (Artist)

“DaimoonMedia really helped me push my tracks on YouTube and grow my following.”

They’ve done a bunch of YouTube campaigns, the results have always been amazing. It’s a pleasure to work with their team.

Middle Child (DJ/Producer)

“DaimoonMedia has become an essential part of my SoundCloud promotion campaigns.”

They’re super fast and never dissapoints. With every campaign, my SoundCloud following has expanded with users commenting and texting me about how much they love my music.

DaimoonMedia is perfect for any artist who’s ready to take their music to the next level.

Mawi (Artist)

“The team is professional and extremely knowledgeable of the music industry”

They’ve gone above and beyond with all of my campaigns. They care about their customers and always deliver! Place an order, you won’t be disappointed!”

Mr G (Rapper)

“If you want to get your music heard, you’ve come to the right place.”

There are a lot of companies out there using bots to generate plays, which means your music still goes unheard by potential fans. I’ve spent years looking for quality, organic promotion, and DaimoonMedia is the answer!

Can’t thank Tom and DaimoonMedia enough for all the organic promotion that they do, the professionalism and the customer service.

Violent Pet Sounds (Producers)

“You’ve always delivered what your service said it would. That’s cool.”

Your service have boosted my followers and plays and comments!! I like your service a lot!! 🙂 Only one thing and one thing only that artists like us wanted is people all over the world get to listen or at least get a glimpse of what our music is like because they may like it!!

I also like your followers boost services, People see high numbers they click!! So that helps too!! Pricing are decent for me. Cheers!! 🙂

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