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Your music deserves nothing but the best. That’s why your songs are only featured on
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  • Our top priority will be featuring your song on big playlists, focussing on a total number of followers reached. Activity can vary.
  • Our top priority will be featuring your song on popular playlists, rather than big playlists. The playlists we target are highly active.
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Spotify Promotion That Works

Careers are taking off thanks to Daimoon. With over 7000 artists helped, we understand how to succeed.

  • Premium curator relationships
  • Verified playlists only
  • Team of artists & music specialists
  • Overseeing 50k+ streams daily
  • Reaching 100M+ playlist followers
  • Campaign builder for flexibility
  • Private dashboard for campaign tracking
  • Dedicated campaign managers
  • Response time within 24 hours
  • Campaigns begin at $197.00
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