Who we are. Our DNA. Your partner?

Of course! You’re picking your team players and it’s important to understand how they think, what they stand for and what keeps them going.

Ultimately, we’re a music promotion agency. But really, we’re just a dedicated team of artists, managers, marketers, developers and creative minds with a heart for music and a united mission to help artists reach their full potential.

To be acknowledged and gain respect as an artist.

Founded in Rotterdam, The Netherlands in March 2015, we’re bringing a European approach to a global music vision.

Young, driven, enthusiastic, ambitious and refreshing.

This vision starts with the realization that everyone comes from a different place. With individual goals, alternate schedules, changing budgets, a unique music/brand, and with each their own opportunities and momentum along the way.

Having that in mind:

We help upcoming talent find their audience and we help breakthrough artists hit the gas and scale to the highest heights.

With dedication, expertise, flexibility, efficiency and clarity.

Carefully curated to your needs and resources.

We listen. We curate. We think. We talk. We adapt. We bite. We test. We fall. We rise.

Being a catalyst for the artists of tomorrow.

Whether you’re ready for our independent expertise for one of your releases or our full-stack music marketing programs, our door is open to anyone!

We’re excited to meet you.

Perhaps you have a few more questions? We’ve prepared some answers below.



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Q: How large is the DaimoonMedia team
Q: How is DaimoonMedia different from other music promotion websites?
Q: Is DaimoonMedia really accessible to anyone?
Q: How can DaimoonMedia help me emerge my/an artist career?
Q: Is cereal soup?